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We have always been interested in supporting our youth and especially in encouraging an active lifestyle. Therefore we have focused our sponsoring work on sports groups. Sports groups, which offer especially children and young adults the chance to spend time in the open air, but without forgetting the fun!

Besides the cooperation with numerous associations, we also consider the cooperation with other South Tyrolean companies and institutions such as tourism associations or IDM to be very important. 

Biking - G.S. Mendelspeck

For more than 20 years we have supported G.S. Mendelspeck, a club with more than 70 members, as main sponsor.

A well-known and successful racing driver who has emerged from the club is Elena Pirronewho won gold at the 2017 World Championships.

If you want to know more visit the website of the sports group!

ski & snowboard school obereggen

Another cooperation, which we are very pleased about, is the one with Ski and Snowboardschool ObereggenThe possibility to make one of the most beautiful sports that you can practice here in South Tyrol a little bit more accessible for children makes us really happy.


Südtirol team club

We support the athletics club with numerous members of all ages.

Horseback riding - Team Mendelspeck

The Mendelspeck equestrian team consists of 4 athletes, including the owner of the company Larcher Rolando. The main event in which our team takes part is the Oswald von Wolkenstein - tournamentin the Schlern plateau. The tournament is one of the most characteristic of our region, where riders compete in various competitions of medieval origin.

Vespa Team Mendelspeck

The Mendelspeck Racing Team is the team sponsored by Mendelspeck for the Vespa Classic in the 135 displacement category. The Mendelspeck Team also takes part in endurance races, where 3 drivers take turns for 10 hours in a race with high speed and duration. The engines are prepared by Falc.

the girl with the mountain pictures

Another collaboration that has allowed us to add wonderful images to our website is the one with the talented photographer Luisa Härtl.

For mor beautiful pictures visit: