Off to the mountains...

Our company consists of Weimar production facilities in which various steps of manufacturing are carried out.

In our headquarters, located in sunny Tramin an der Weinstraße, surrounded by vineyards and only one kilometre from the motorway exit, the first steps of the production of our products take place.

This is where the raw materials are unloaded and checked for quality. If they pass the quality controls, they are approved for further processing.


But the most important step in the production of most of our products is the maturing process. During this particularly delicate phase, the conditions as they prevail in a cellar where farmers used to store their bacon are recreated. Above all, the temperature and humidity must be perfectly balanced. 

Looking to the future with our environment in mind,we looked at the energy usage involved in cooling our maturing cells and asked ourselves the following question: How can we reduce this consumption?

The easiest solution was, we help ourselves with the natural characteristics of our region! Therefore, we now carry out most of the maturing process of our products where it is naturally cooler and therefore the energy required by our maturing cells is lower! 

E dove?  A oltre 1000 metri, a S. Lugano!

After the bacon has matured in the mountain air with a lot of rest, it is then brought back to Tramin for the last step, the portioning and packing, and then it is shipped from there!

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Our certificates


Mendespeck is IFS certified and meets the quality standards regarding the salting, smokung, curing, slicing and vacuum packaging of Speck, Speck od Alto Adige I.G.P., smoked raw bacon and refined and not refined meat of pork in anatomical cuts.

Safety at work

The Safety Management System (SGSL) is a business organizational system, aimed at ensuring the achievement of health and safety objectives at work, through the maximisation of benefits and the reduction of costs.