Enjoyment with tradition

Discover the mendel line products

In addition to speck, bacon and cooked ham, we have constantly expanded our product range and created new, delicious products.


Available with Speck, cheese and spinach. Cooked in 10 minutes.


Typical salami from Alto Adige and Trentino. Traditional, spicy, game and smoked.

cold cuts

Wide range of high quality pork and beef cold cuts.


exclusively high quality Italian meat

lucky to call it our home

South Tyrol


Together we work in the field. We live closely every single phase of production: from the search for the raw material, to the processing, up to the commercialization of the finished product.
That's why, when we offer our products, we know exactly what we're selling.

Larcher Rolando

family business since 1982


We have always been interested in supporting our youth and especially in encouraging them to adopt an active lifestyle. For this reason, a large part of our sponsorship work is focused on sports groups and young athletes. 

When I sit down with a new client to offer them my speck,
I'm about to give him a piece of my life. In that simple piece of speck is all the passion for my work, the values of my family, the respect of an art that is handed down from father to son.


the perfect packaging for the retail store!

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